mandag den 18. maj 2015

2015 WIP: Sci-fi girl

Here are some WIP shots from my current character project.
I started this character earlier in 2015 and the main focus was to learn Marvelous designer and also to improve my texturing and sculpting.

The jacket in the first shot is a rough base of what I'm trying to replicate in Marvelous designer.

Concept art by Mitch Mohrhauser

torsdag den 6. februar 2014

2014 - Feb WIP: Character Challenge

These are some wips and final screenshots of the Febaury monthly Character Challenge over at Polycount.

And finally the posed model rendered in Marmoset 2.

Final low poly model.

High poly head with polypaint.

The initial blockout in zbrush. 

Concept by Konstantin Maystrenko

fredag den 10. januar 2014

2013: Hunting Rifle

A hunting rifle I made to accompany my survivor character.

And the high poly version of the rifle.

2013 Sep-Nov: Survivor Character WIPs

I started working on this character after having played The Last of Us and wanted to do something within that style. 
It was my first real go at making a realistic character nest gen character. 
Overall a good learning experience especially with sculpting cloths wrinkles.

2013 Jul-Aug: Female Character

torsdag den 9. januar 2014

2013 Dec: Character Bust Practice

A couple of head busts I did in December of 2013. I started doing these quick exercises regularly as a way of practicing facial proportions and anatomy.
 The first one is based on the actor Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones. 
The other two are just generic faces sculpted from Anatomy reference charts and various photos.

onsdag den 8. januar 2014

Dota 2 Workshop items

Here's some of the items I have submitted to the Steam Dota 2 Workshop.

This was the first item I created for the workshop. Started out simple with a single item for Witch Doctor.

Another single item weapon, this time for Doombringer.

This was my submission for the Dota 2 Contest on Polycount. 
My first time creating an entire set for a hero.

And here's a Work in Progress of another set I was making but never got around to finishing :)